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Organic waste treatment

Organic waste: also known as wet waste, refers to waste containing organic components in domestic waste. The organic waste is subjected to pre-treatment processes such as mechanical crushing, drum screening, extrusion dehydration, etc., and then combined with anaerobic, composting, incineration and other resource utilization and harmless treatment.

Domestic waste disposal

Domestic waste can generally be divided into kitchen waste, recyclable waste, toxic and hazardous waste and other waste. Through a combination of various sorting equipment, organic matter, plastics, metals, stones, etc. can be efficiently extracted from mixed garbage. The different components after sorting are stored and can be further recycled.3

Plastic waste disposal

Plastic recycling refers to the use of certain recycling processes to recycle and reuse waste plastics to turn waste into treasure. Through advanced mechanical sorting equipment, recyclable plastics are crushed, cleaned, dried, color sorted, screened, etc., effectively reducing secondary pollution, centralized disposal, and improving industrialization.

Stale garbage disposal

Stale garbage refers to municipal solid waste that has been accumulated in landfills or for many years. After purchasing old waste, 50-60% organic fine materials and 10-15% recyclable items (plastics, glass, metal, etc.) can be obtained. The economic and social benefits are quite obvious.